birthday invitation cards

Birthday Invitation Cards


Creative Ideas for 50th Birthday Invitation Cards


The 50th birthday is a milestone in one’s life. It is a golden anniversary from the date of birth. Because it is considered special, the celebration is also extraordinary.  Mostly, the family members, relatives, friends, and co-workers cooperate to make the celebration a worthy memory. For starters, the 50th birthday invitation cards must also be theme-appropriate.

Organizing the celebration is fun and rewarding, albeit it is a bit time-consuming and brain-knacking if you want it one of a kind. It does need to be grand. What matters most is the sincerity of presence of people dear to the celebrant.

The birthday invitation cards should reflect the celebration, but you can tweak it to be more creative and fun, after all, celebrations should also be merry. Some ideas that you can use in making the birthday invitation cards are many.



Because it is 5oth, any figure used in making the invites should be 50 as well. For instance, if you want to make a picture collage of the celebrant, you can collect 50 images or photos that have an impact on the celebrant’s life. The photo can involve other people. So maybe, there are five photos about significant events every 10 years of the birthday person. It does not necessarily mean that all photos must be positive. Include in the 50th birthday invitation cards those which are considered to be the challenges because they remind people of the values and success earned.

Fit those 5o photos in a piece of paper. You need some skills in layout and design. You can use the Microsoft template on this. Scan the collage and adjust the images to fit on an 8.5 by 11 or bigger size of postcard. Print. 


50-number Shape 

Gold is the standard color of 50th birthday or any celebration. You can also make the 5o as the shape of the front page of the 50th birthday invitation cards.  Use gold for the color of 50th for the print of details, and white for elsewhere. Gold dust can be glued to color it. The edges of the second page of the postcard (where you put the basic details about the event) can also have decor in gold.

In some invitations, they include the recent photo of the birthday celebrant. The photo can be seen on the first page or second page of the invite.


Champagne-shape 50th Birthday Invitation Card

Depending upon your desire, you can also make the champagne bottle as the shape of the first cover of the invite, just like what has been mentioned on the 50th figure as the cover. Or you can make it a one-page champagne shape invite.

Champagne is never absent in most celebrations. It is favoured by many for making a toast. So a champagne bottle for the 50th birthday invitation cards signify a toast to the celebrant for has been achieved and what is to achieve in the future.