birthday invitation cards

Birthday Invitation Cards

Your Guide in Making Birthday Invitation Cards

Birthdays are a special occasion. Each year as the birth date draws near, the celebrant together with their loved ones and friends find themselves busy preparing for the celebration. In birthday celebrations, birthday invitation cards are almost always a constant. Whether the celebration is small and simple or grand and elaborate, invitations are essential. They serve as an official invite to signify the guests are welcome.

Birthday invitations involve a lot of arts—designs, colors, themes, graphics. The theme of the invitation cards is important. It should fit well to the age of the celebrant. For example, if the birthday to celebrate is the first year, the birthday invitation cards will have a theme suiting for a year olds. It can be flowers, ribbons, and dolls if the celebrant is a girl. And if it is a boy, the theme will also be gender-fit like cars, balls, and male cartoon characters. There are also unisex themes for birthday kids.

Mostly, the theme, colors, designs and graphics complement and blend well together. The personality and career of the guests to be invited are also considered. In simple birthday celebrations, for instance, if the guests are close friends who love odd ideas and extremities, the invitation cards may also speak what the guests will surely love—wacky and adventurous.

Making the birthday invitation cards may not be easy at first, particularly if this is your first time to try your creative skills. However, there is so much help available at your disposal. You can take advantage of tips and techniques provided by the internet. You can even customize the cards to suit your idea. If you do so, you will need tools like embossers or computer software.

There are also online card making companies to personalize invitation cards. These online companies have thousands of resources to prepare the invitation cards exactly the way you want them to be. You will be given samples of layout, size, and the content of the cards.

Choosing Color


In choosing the color for the birthday invitation cards, always pick the one that suits your personality. This is the best way to get the attention of your guests—your invitation card speaks for yourself. But of course, there should be creativity in it. The color is something that your guests can relate with you or describe their relationship with you.


Card Design


The text of the card should also complement the theme and mood of the party. This means every detail of the card blends well that overall, the birthday invitation card reflects the mood and will speak for the party itself.




The birthday invitation cards contain all the information about the occasion including the venue, date and time, the name of the celebrant, and what to wear and expect at the party.